Customs Regulations

1.Customs Declaration Form for Inbound Passengers

All passengers on inbound flights are given a customs declaration form. The completed form must be

handed to the customs office at the time of baggage inspection.


2.Declaring Items to Customs

You must declare the following dutiable items to customs:

(a)new articles / samples / machine parts and accessories / industrial and other raw materials / instruments and hand tools.

(b)baggage to be put in bond until departure from Taiwan.

(c)commercial goods.

(d)gold / silver / foreign currencies / New Taiwan dollar notes.

(e)arms - shotguns / fishing guns / air guns / ammunition / cartridges / explosives.

(f)radioactive substances and/or X-ray apparatus.

(g)plants / seeds/ any other living things.


3.New Taiwan Dollar Notes


4.Prohibited and restricted items

The articles listed below cannot be imported. There are severe penalties for their illegal importation,

possession, use or sale.

(a)counterfeit coins / bank and security notes / plates and other articles for the production of forged currencies.

(b)gambling tools – lottery tickets and similar prize tickets issued in foreign countries.

(c)obscene or indecent books / magazines / films / slides / pictures / others articles of such nature.

(d)publications and other articles propagating communism.

(e)arms –shotguns / fishing guns / air guns / ammunition / cartridges / explosives / poisonous gas / other weapons of war.

(f)opium / poppy seeds (including decorative dried poppy seed heads) / cannabis / cocaine / synthetic narcotics and their derivatives and products.

(g)all restricted substances and drugs of non- prescription and non-medical nature including marijuana.

(h)toy guns and gun-shaped appliances.

(i)articles infringing the rights of patents / design / trademarks / copyright of other persons.

(j)contraband articles as specified by other laws such as – soil / plants / their products brought in from districts affected with injurious pests and diseases / animals and their products from infected areas.

(k)any endangered species of wildlife or their products unless an import permit is obtained in advance.