Tuition and Fees

                                                                                                                                                            Estimated Currency: 1 US dollar = 28 Taiwan Dollars

【Tuition】/ per semester 

Tuition 2021    


NYCU (Yangming Campus) waive 50% tuition for the international students (Excluding the students who study for the bachelor degree of Medicine and Dentistry).

Starting from the second study year, international students can maintain 50% tuition waiver if the academic grade of previous year achieve the requirement listed below and recommended by the chairman or director of departments and institutes.

 Academic Requirement: All Subjects

  • Graduate students: Grade above B- or 70
  • Undergraduate students: Grade above C- or 60



【On-Campus Dormitory

Accommodation fee 2021 


【Health Insurance and Miscelleous Fee】/ per semester 

Fees 2021