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2016 summer program on the Chinese Traditional Medicine at National Yang-Ming University (Deadline : 2016/04/30)

2016 Summer Program on the Chinese Traditional Medicine at National Yang-Ming University

1. Aims

The National Yang-Ming University Chinese Traditional Medicine Summer Program with credits is a 4 weeks program to introduce to international students with traditional medicine. 

This program is to accept students for 4 weeks during summer break. Courses are taught in English and on-site visits after lessons. Students can benefit from this program on:

(a) Basic knowledge of traditional medicine, especially acupuncture, acupoints, meridians, and Chinese herb therapy. In addition, students can also learn how the ancient apply ying-yang and five elements to the therapy of traditional medicine.

(b) Lectures are taught by well-experienced professors who also diagnose patients in the clinic. Students can benefit a lot through these teachers' valuable experiences of diagnosis through bedside training.

(c) Interaction with Taiwanese students and international students from different countries.

2. Who can apply

To apply for the NYMU CTM Summer Program, applicants must meet all the following requirements:

(1) Applicants must be proficient in English.

(2) Applicants must be full-time students or similar background in the field of medical science.

3. Program Period : 2016.07.04 - 2016.07.29 

4. Tuition

Tuition will be waived for students from the universities that have the formal academic exchange agreement or memorandum with National Yang-Ming University and National Central University. Students from the universities that have no agreement or memorandum with National Yang-Ming University are obliged to pay the tuition fee NT$18,000 (US$600) for 4 weeks program:

(1) Use of all facilities on the campus

(2) Transportation fee

(3) All lessons materials

5. Application Deadline : 2016.04.30

6. Register 

Please mail below mentioned documents in PDF file to Ms. Lisa Kao (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Required Documents in English

(1) Transcripts (for students only)

(2) Certificate of Health

(3) Certificate of Enrollment from home university (for students only)

(4) Identical Photographs within six months

(5) Overseas Travelling Insurance

Step 3: After the confirmation letter is received from university side, the application procedure is done.

7. Certificate of Completion

Students who complete all programs could obtain a 4 credits with certificate issued by the Institute of Traditional Medicine, National Yang-Ming University. 

8. Accommodation

A 4-people room is provided and it costs 2,200 NTD per month. (Assuming that the dorms are fully booked, the space will be suggested alternatively.)