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2014 V-Men Run will be held by The Garden of Hope Foundation on Nov. 22, please invite your friends to join this event ~

2014 V-Men Run
Run until the violence stops

It's time for men to stand up and be counted in the battle against violence. Join athletes like ultramarathon runner Kevin Lin, entertainers, celebrities and thousands of other runners along a scenic route by the Keelung river in Taipei to say "NO" to violence against women and girls.

The run is organized by the Garden of Hope Foundation. All proceeds will go to the Garden of Hope's programs to protect women who have suffered from abuse or violence.

Date: Saturday, November 22, 2014
Time: 8:30am~11:00 (registration starts at 7:30)
Place: Dajia Riverside Park (The Square in front of Flood Gate No. 9)
Long route: 9.5km
Short route: 5km

Why V-Men?
The V-Men Charity Run is inspired by the V-Men Movement, the White Ribbon Campaign, and other global initiatives organized by men to end violence against women.


Time Activity About
7:30-8:00 Registration Sign in, get your number, and pick up your souvenir gift pack.
8:00-8:10 Opening ceremony Speeches from the organizers, special guests, a pledge by all the runners, and entertainment from the band.
8:10-8:20 Warmup & briefing Limber up, and listen carefully to a briefing on the rules and the route.
8:20-8:30 "In her shoes"walk 100 men to walk 100m in high-heels - literally "in her shoes".
8:30-10:30 Long-route start On your marks, get set, go! The runners on the hard route get a head start.
9:00-10:30 Short-route start On your marks, get set, go! The easy route runners are not far behind.
10:30-11:00 Closing ceremony Speeches and songs from the celebrity runners and VIPs., prize-giving, and a very big group photo.

Theme: "Stop the Violence -  Donate to the Fund to Rebuild the Lives of Women and Children Survivors of Violence".

Who is taking part? Do you have to be a man to enter?

No, the V-Men Run is open to all genders. Anyone who enjoys outdoor recreation and sports, or is passionate enough to go through pain to support the campaign to stop violence against women, is welcome to join. In the interests of safety, runners must be over the age of 14 years old.

About the routes

  1. Easy route

To join the 5km easy route you must make a donation of NT$500. You will receive a V-Men t-shirt, sports towel, and a purple floral scarf. Runners who finish the short course in 1.5 hours will be awarded a completion medal and certificate.

The entry donation to join the 9.5km hard route is NT$800. Participants will receive a V-Men t-shirt, sports towel, purple floral scarf.  Runners who finish the long route in 2 hours will be awarded a completion medal and certificate.

How to get involved

As well as running the circuit, there are many other ways to support the Garden of Hope��s V-Men campaign. You can�K

  1. Make a financial donation
  2. Make an in-kind donation (we need water, towels, and other essentials to make the event go smoothly)
  3. Join the V-Men "in her shoes" experience - men are invited to put on a pair of high heels and walk 100m "in her shoes" to show their support for the V-Men campaign.
  4. Sponsor yourself or another runner - by mid-September our website will be up and running. You can go online to register for the run, and sponsor yourself or another runner. The sponsorship system will sync with jogging apps Marathons World and Faith Run.


Go to and fill out the registration form (Chinese language website).


NT$500 for the 5k run, NT$800 for the 9.5k run. For every additional donation over NT$100 you will get a free utility bag.


Telephone: 02-8911-5595 ext. 108/109

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Address: 1F., No.2-1, Shunan St., Xindian Dist., New Taipei City 23143, Taiwan

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How to get to Dajia Park

By MRT - take the Danshui line to Yuanshan Station, get out at exit 1, and catch a Red 34 bus to the No. 8 Flood Gate stop, walk 7 minutes to the venue.

Take the Wenhu line to Dazhi Station, and catch a 72 or 222 bus to Riverside Park Dajia or Dajia Elementary School stop, walk 10 minutes to the venue.

Take the Xinlu line to Xingtian Temple station, and catch a number 72 or 222 bus to Riverside Park Dajia or Dajia Elementary School stop, walk 10 minutes to the venue.

By bus - apart from the above connections, you can take bus 527 or B16 to Riverside Park Dajia or Dajia Elementary School and walk 10 minutes to the venue; or take civic minibus M9 to Dajia Park and walk 15 minutes to the venue.

By car - take Jianguo N. Rd. towards Bingjiang St. - enter Flood Gate No. 9 by Dajia Elementary School. From the Highway No. 1 take the Bingjiang interchange exit, turn right and follow the signs to Dajia Riverside Park.