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TCUST Transcultural Humanities Summer Camp

TCUST Transcultural Humanities Summer Camp
•Highlights:Courses of Tzu-Chi philosophy/experiences of Chinese culture/one-day exploration in Hualien/Indigenous experiences--costumes try on &
handmade class/recycling journey
•Participants:Undergraduate/graduate foreign students
•Deadline:17 July, 2020
•Location:Tzu Chi University of Science and Technology
•Expenses:Free! (provide vegetarian breakfast, lunch and on-campusaccommodation; dinner,transportation expenses not included)
•Application:Scan the QR code below and fill out the form.
1.Ensure that you can participate throughout the event.
2. Studentswho receive admission letters should send back confirmation by email by 29 July
3. We will call or email alternate students by 31 July.