Admission 2021- Fall Semester

Timetable for 2021 fall


【How to apply】

1. Please read the Prospectus for Internataional Students-Fall 2021 carefully to prepare required documents and start the online application.


2. Apply → Online application system:

  •     Step 1: Create an account → Register your email ( Spaces are not alloweded in your username.)
  •     Step 2: Receive confirmation email to set up password
  •     Step 3: Login → Start your online Application


3. All documents must be submitted using the online application system before March 5, 2021, we are unable to accept paper copy of documentation or recommendation. 


 4. Applicants may apply to multiple programs, please submit a seperate application for each program.


 5. Applicants will be asked to provide details of referees. A recommendation request will be sent from our online application system to referees. Referees can submit recommendation letter via our online application system before March 05, 2021.



【Further Information】


Tuition and Fees

Courses in English



【Contact Admission】

  Ms. Trudy Wu

  Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.