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國立陽明大學 國際事務處 NYMU Office of International Affairs - [姊妹校交換計畫] 韓國 國立首爾大學 醫學院 2017年交換計畫(交換前至少4個月向國際事務處提出申請)

[姊妹校交換計畫] 韓國 國立首爾大學 醫學院 2017年交換計畫(交換前至少4個月向國際事務處提出申請)

[姊妹校交換計畫韓國  國立首爾大學醫學院 2017年交換計畫(交換前至少4個月向國際事務處提出申請)



地點: 韓國  國立首爾大學醫學院

拜訪時間: 至少2週,最多12


提出申請期限: 交換前至少4個月前備妥文件至國際事務處

申請資料: 該校附件(請見附件)及本校出國學生申請表


Elective Clerkship Program for Visiting Students, 2017

1.     Eligibility

Foreign medical student currently enrolled in penultimate year or final year

2.     Required Application Materials

□      SNUCM Application form along with a photograph taken within the recent 6 months (attached)

□      Curriculum vitae

□      Official letter from Associate Dean for Academic(Student) Affairs or Dean at home institution that states:

-       the student is currently enrolled and is approved of taking the elective program

-       the expected date of graduation

-       good academic standing

□      Official transcript of academic record (in English)

□      Immunization Record Form (attached)

□      Copy of passport


1)     Health Insurance is the responsibility of the visiting student.

2)     Housing is the responsibility of the visiting students also but if you want to stay on campus, please refer No.6 on the next page.

3)     Visiting students could do the program for minimum 2 weeks and maximum 12 weeks.

4)     Programs run from Monday to Friday and there will be no schedule on national holidays.

3.     Submitting the Application

All documents must be received at least 3 months prior to the date you wish to start and should be submitted in original hard copy by mail.

Address to send: Room #205, Office of International Affairs

Seoul National University College of Medicine 103 Daehak-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul 03080, Korea Attn. Mrs. Shin Young Park

4.     Procedure

Upon the application’s arrival, it will be reviewed to verify that all requirements have been met. The application will then be forwarded to the applicant’s desired department for approval. If acceptance is confirmed, the applicant will be officially notified by SNUCM. It will take approximately one month for the process to be completed in its entirety after the application is received.

5.     Application/Tuition fee

SNUCM does not charge any application/tuition fee for the program.

6.     Campus Housing

The guest rooms at SNUCM global center could be reserved after your approval if available. We ask your understanding that we could not give you any guarantee about the availability.

It is a single room equipped with pillows, blankets and towels. There is a bathroom in the guest room.

You may access the internet but must come prepared with a personal laptop that can be connected to a LAN wire.

The kitchen and laundry are shared.

The SNUCM global center is locked after 8pm – we will prepare an access card for students who stay there.

Please note that you should check-out before 12pm on your last day and return the card to the guard on the first floor of the center.

The SNUCM global center is behind Korea National Open University (Dongsoong-dong 199-1, Jongno-gu).

7.     Contact/Help Information

If you require further information concerning our elective program, please contact:

Mrs. Shin Young Park at

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