Student - Attend International Conference-OIA

Applying grant of attending international conference from the OIA

□      Who could apply? NYMU students

If you complete the process of leaving this school before attending the conference, the allowance will not be able to be granted.

•       Application : (Please see attachments)

•       Limitation:

1. Every student can apply once every 2 years.

2. Every advisor could only recommend 2 students to apply this grant per year.




  • To register in the Online Application System for Conference Allowance
  • Please be aware that all the documents must be submitted two months prior to the conference.
  • We won't reply you while you finish the applying on the ONLINE APPLICATION, please be sure you submit all reqired documents to OIA (Ms. Ina Huang) at least 2 months before the conference.

  • (1)
    Application form Official acceptance/e-mail for the paper
    (3) Abstract of the paper
    (4) Paper
    (5) Conference Agenda/Schedule
    (6) Optional*
  • To list the allowance(s) you have ever received in the latest 3yrs (conference title, date, issued department, amount)
  • Note: Please notify us in advance if you can't submit all the documents in time.
  • All required documents should be submit at least 2 months prior the conference, other missed needed documents submitted 3 weeks prior to the conference, otherwise we are sorry that the allowance will not be able to supported.

Please feel free to contact us if you need any more information or if there's any question.


First Trial

All the documents will be sent to the First Trial review after receiving.




Twice per month



  • The result will be sent to you via email within one week after the Review Committee.
All the reminders and the reimbursement flow are stated in the notification letter, please make sure to read it carefully and keep it properly. The notification letter will be needed to submit together with the necessary documents when applying the reimbursement.



  • The reimbursement process needed to be submitted within 1 month after the conference.

Needed documents :

l   Trip Expense Report(Please contact us to get the support as it's Chinese version)

l   Trip Report of Attending International Conference

l   The trip receipts

l   Electrical file of Paper

All details will inform you in the informing e-mail, which you got this grant. 

Note: For special case, please follow the statement with notification letter as highest priority.



OIA Contact: Ms. Ina Huang

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tel: +886-2-28267000, ext.7393

Fax: +886-2-28233887

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